Sayang d'Amour - Artifacts


“Villa Sayang D’Amour has been voted 1 of the 6 best party villas in Bali. Find out why.” 6 Bali's best party villas, Honeycombers, October 10, 2017.
“The island is packed with paradisal pools designed for your little water babies.” Luxury Bali Villas with the Best Pools for Kids, Honeycombers, April 19, 2017.
“The perfect backdrop for weddings, birthdays & your Bali holiday.” Luxe Seminyak Villas, Honeycombers, November 24, 2016.
“This is a place where curiosity takes hold with intricate detailing, handmade leather sofas, handmade Moroccan floor tiles, massive bathrooms, a designer kitchen, exquisitely ornate interiors, a rooftop dining room, a media room and as an extra bonus, and for a limited time, a price that can’t be beat for a six-bedroom holiday palace anywhere in Bali.” Villa Sayang d'Amour, FRV Travel, edition 10.2 August - September 2013.
“With its wonderful sense of space and flow and opulent interior decorating Villa Sayang d’Amour, a six-bedroom villa located in the very heart of stylish Seminyak, on Bali’s southwest coast, is the very embodiment of grand living.” Villa Sayang d'Amour, FRV Travel, edition 9.5 February - March 2013.
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